Next Wave Kickstart Applications and 2014 Theme

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Today we launch our search for young and emerging artists across the country who are keen to be part of the /next /Next Wave.

We are opening applications for Kickstart 2013 our flagship artist development program. Kickstart is money, time, space and guidance for artists to make their most extraordinary idea – a reality. You can see all the details on our (new and sparkling!) website Serena and I are travelling throughout the country over the next two months, until applications close on November 2. So if you’re an artist – do not wait! We want to sit down and talk to you about your ideas, and we want to do that *now*.

And, today we launch our theme for the next two years and our 2014 Festival (1 – 11 May). As you know I’m more interested in questions than rules. This is an offer, not a guide.

*New* *Grand * *Narrative*

*How do we come to care about things we’re not interested in?*

The information we encounter is increasingly curated. And we have increased ability to filter that which doesn’t add to our worldview. There are less pages of the newspaper to turn, more apps to buy and I don’t have to follow you if you’re not relevant.

What are the grand narratives of our time? How do we come to understand them and whose voices create their meaning? The rise of China, the fall of our environment, the movement of people across borders; all shared with so many strangers. How are these stories told? Who is forgotten and who is made invisible?

*How does this narrowing affect what we imagine?*

Who can redesign the frame, make decisions on the composition and shine light on new players?

Emily Sexton, Artistic Director


As we begin our search for the bravest emerging artists to take part in Kickstart 2013, we also start our search for generous individuals who share our values and are keen to see innovative and challenging art in the world.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Kickstart artist, please contact our Marketing & Development Manager Nicole on or call 03 9329 9422.