Light Graffiti Art Prize DL Oct 27

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Coinciding with the current light installation exhibition at Gazelli Art House, the gallery are hosting a unique art prize that will reward people for spilling creativity out of the gallery and onto the streets of London.

This unusual prize invites creative minds to give their offerings of *light graffiti* in line with the gallery’s current exhibition, /Let There Be Light/. The hope is that the city can be transformed by the vision of unique individuals and their use of light, capturing a moment of brilliance in the darkness.

The competition is open to anyone with a camera and a torch who can light up the city. Participants need simply turn their cameras shutter speed down low, draw with a torch and then send in their results to the gallery via Twitter, Facebook or Email.

The winner will have their work printed and framed by Gazelli Art House.

Further information can be found below but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Digital Camera with shutter speed control

Light Sources



1?Control the shutter speed of your camera. The camera’s manual is your best guide to learning about shutter speed, but the camera’s settings should have shutter speed functions readily accessible.

2?Find light sources. Anything that is a light source is qualified to be use for light graffiti as long as it glows. Some examples of light sources are LED lights, flashlights, glow sticks, etc. All light sources emit unique light, so try to find as many different sources as possible in order to create some awesome photos.

3?Create streaked lights. There are two major types of streak: thick and normal. LED, LED flashlights and any related light source with magnification lenses will make thick streaks, while a pen light will make thin, “normal” streaks.

4?Set up the camera. Light graffiti needs to have an area on which to draw on, so find whatever setting you wish to use. Next, you will need to place the tripod and the camera facing the direction of the area you want to graffiti on. Then set the shutter speed to a lower setting and take the picture. When taking the picture, figure out how many seconds you have to draw in front of the camera with the light source. The longer the camera takes to take the picture, the more time you have to write, draw and graffiti.

For more detailed instructions here is a recommended link:

Sample image by Gazelli Art House

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